Components of LightWAN Solution

Control Center

Reliable management and monitoring of POPs, CPEs and links; Dynamic route switch to guarantee 99.99% SLA uptime; 24/7 real-time, automatic and intelligent network management.

Centralized Management

Centrialized management of multiple carriers' links and QoS for data flows with different traffic pattern.

End-to-End Visibility

End-to-End network and traffic visibility.

Real-Time Monitoring & Alerting

24/7 monitoring for CloudWAN POPs, links and CPEs.

Automatic Scheduling

Dynamic route switch to guarantee 99.99% SLA uptime.

Custom Report

Custom report of system information to meet different user requirements.


High-performance data transmission tunnel with optimization algorithms.

What is LTT ?

LTT (LightWAN TCP Tunnel) is a high-performance data transmission tunnel developed by LightWAN. Integrated with TCP acceleration algorithms, LTT can guarantee high-throughput data transmission on the network path with packet loss and unstable latency. LTT also has advanced optimization for real-time applications like live-streaming, video conferencing, etc.

Why use LTT ?

LightWAN is designed to overcome the low throughput issue caused by packet loss and unstable latency on the network path.

Technology in RTT

TCP acceleration algorithms able to adjust optimization for data transmssion dynamically based on feedback from real-time data flows, which can significantly overcome the low througput issue caused by packet loss and unstable latency on the network path.

FEC(Forward Error Correction) can recover the lost packet without packet re-transmission by adding error-correcting code (ECC) when packet loss happens on the network path.

Edge Device/Access Software

Users can access CloudWAN with CloudWAN CPE, CloudWAN software client or own VPN gateway devices via IPSec/SSL/GRE. With CloudWAN CPE, data transmission in last mile can also be optimized by LTT tunnel.

Management of Multiple Links

CloudWAN CPE can manage the access to multiple carriers' links (Dedicated line, MPLS and Internet) to maximize the bandwidth utilization.

Zero-touch Setup

With Zero-touch setup, users can deploy CloudWAN CPE and start to use CloudWAN service right away. Management and configuration are all set.

Advanced QoS

Basesd on different user requirement, CloudWAN CPE is able to apply different strategies to data flows of different applications to guarantee the standard of QoS.

Mobile Access

For mobile users, AppEx provides CloudWAN software client on mobile devices (Windows OS, OS X, IOS, Android OS, etc) to access CloudWAN network.

Deliver stable, secure, flexible and fast SD-WAN service globally.